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According to us, Transalpina (120 km up to 2145 m high) is the wildest and highest road in Romania. Also according to us Transalpina is a must see route if you want to drive over the clouds, or to see breathtaking landscapes in sunny days. According to us, Transalpina is one of the most beautiful destinations in Romania. Before starting to drive on Transalpina we will visit the reservation of trovants, stones that grow themseves, and then one of the most beautiful monasteries in Romania, in Horezu (UNESCO Patrimony) and also the Horezu pottery village (included also in UNESCO Patrimony). After we enter Transalpina, for about 4-5 hours the landscape is amazing. We will cross the mountains and arrive in Transylvania. At our return if we have enough time we can have a walking tour of the beautiful city of Sibiu – the cultural capital of Europe.

–          Free pick up from the hotel reception
–          Travel by coach, minivan or by car with air conditionning
–          Expert multilingual escort
–          Visits to the Reservation of Trovants, Horezu Monastery and Horezu pottery village in Wallachia, Transalpina, and the Sibiu city tour in Transylvania
–          Lunch in a traditional location
When: daily departures from the beginning of April to the end of October (in the winter period the road is closed at the top due to difficult weather conditions)
Departure: 7.30 – 8.00 am, from the hotel reception
Arrival: at the hotel reception arround 8.00 pm
Estimated time: 12 hrs.
Price: 130 Euro/ person (50% discounts for children up to 12 and 10% – 30% discounts for groups larger than 5 people)
Not recommended to aged persons with heart deseases and breath problems due to the ozonated air on the top of the mountains.

Tour Map:

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