Castles Tour (Peles Castle, Bran Castle, Brasov Medieval City)

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How can I get from Bucharest to Sinaia, Peleș Castle, Brașov or Bran Castle?
1. Book the Castles Tour! – affordable prices, complete information, excellent atmosphere, small groups, relaxed tours.
2. Book another Castles Tour – other tours do not have lunch included and sometimes you have to take a taxi to the meeting point in Bucharest. Often tours are in a hurry because of the 12 hours time limit for vans bigger than 8 seats, so if you want to visit beautiful places fast, it is your choice.
3. Take a train – if you visit only Sinaia or Brașov it is possible in one day. You can save 10 – 15 euro/ pers but: you need to use the public transport in Bucharest or pay the taxi (the 10 – 15 euro you just saved), walk from the railway station to the tourist attraction places, wait for trains to come and read the guidebooks for explanations. For Bran Castle you have to arrive in Brașov, cross the city with Brașov public transport and take the local bus (1.5 hours) or a taxi from the railway station (usually around 100 Euro one way) so most probably this is not possible in one day.
4. Take a bus – the same as for trains.
5. Rent a car – for three persons can be almost the same regarding prices. But one have to drive and another one had to read from guidebooks to the others. You also need to consider the time to take / return the car and the guarantee payment.

Our tour will include visits to beautiful and famous medieval touristic attractions, the main attraction being the famous Dracula’s Castle (the Bran Castle). The first stop will be in Sinaia known as “The Pearl of Carpathian Mountains”, to visit The Peleș Castle – one of the most beautiful castle in the world, built by the first King of Romania, Carol the 1st. The way to the Dracula’s castle and Brașov passes one of the most beautiful roads in Romania crossing the mountains from Wallachia to Transylvania, the Prahova Valley.
Built on a rock by the Teutonic Knights in the 11th century, the Bran Castle Castle – one of the most famous castles in the world, was guarding the trade routes from the Danube region to Transilvania. Vlad the Impaler who inspired Bram Stoker to write the second most published book in the world: Dracula, probably spent here a night in his way to Transylvania.
In the medieval city of Brasov developed between 1400 – 1600 by saxon colonists, together with the impressive Black Church and the beautiful old City Hall, will be a walking tour and free time of 1 – 1 ½ hrs.


  • Pick up from the hotel reception and return to the hotel reception

  • Travel by coach, minivan or by car with AC, parking tickets

  • Expert multilingual guide: (English in all tours and French, Italian and Spanish by request) in the coach, minivan or car and also inside Peles Castle, Bran Castle and Brasov medieval city

  • Lunch in the beautiful medieval city of Brasov

  • Tickets for Peles Castle (main tour) and Bran Castle (complete tour) and walking tour in the medieval city of Brasov

  • Photo tax at Peles Castle

  • Souvenirs and other personal expenses

  • When: daily departures (except monday and the winter period with difficult weather conditions)

  • Departure: 8.00 – 8.30 am, from the hotel reception

  • Arrival: at the hotel reception arround 21.00 pm

  • Estimated time: 12 – 14 hrs.

  • Price: adult – 79 Euro, students and seniors – 74 Euro based on student card or ID, children under 18 – 40 Euro based on ID (10% discounts for groups larger than 5 people, 20% for groups larger than 10 people)
    The company is not responsible for delays caused by traffic jam or bad weather conditions. When Peles Castle is closed (November) will be replaced with Pelisor castle.


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